The UK's 1st Range of Raw Protein Drinks



We set out to make great tasting drinks that are naturally produced with nutritious ingredients.


We rejected the status quo,

We believed in making better drinks,

& now we're creating change.


Be different & join us in changing the healthy drinks market!

Naturally Produced


To provide you with the best tasting & most nutritious drinks possible.

We believe that a truly heathy drink must be produced as naturally as possible. 


Its a really simple 3 step process - with no heat involved!

1. We make our own Cold-Pressed Almond Milk. By Cold-Pressing we manage to keep the nutritional content of the almonds in-tact, and we use 5x as many almonds as leading brands!

2. We gently blend the Cold-Pressed Almond Milk with the rest of our nutritious ingredients. We bottle the drinks immediately so they're fully fresh!

3. Finally we High-Pressure Process each of the bottles. This ensures your drinks are kept raw, & tasty! 


We believe that a genuinely healthy drink should contain only the finest ingredients. no stabilisers, gums, thickeners, additives, preservatives, or added sugar. 


Our combination of 9 proper ingredients has ensured that our drinks are completely natural & taste great.

Almonds - we love them & they're amazing for you. Don't be fooled by other brands using 2% almonds in their drinks - we put over 10% in!

Dates - they give our drinks natural sweetness and are packed full of vitamins. 

Baobab - this awesome African Superfruit gives each of our drinks a massive hit of Vitamins, Minerals, & tastes awesome!

Split Pea Protein - proven to be as effective as Whey Protein yet without the

Almond Butter - well we just wanted an excuse to put some more Almonds in really, & don't worry there's no palm oil or other nasties in ours!

Gluten Free Oats - a great source of slow release energy to help fuel your whole day!

Raw Cacao - the raw form of chocolate! Not to be confused with heat-treated cocoa which has many of the antioxidants & other nutrients stripped out of it.

Himalayan Pink Salt - this is the purest form of salt in the world & contains over 80 minerals.


Truly Indulgent Taste


This was the key part of our development process - if it doesn't taste great it doesn't work. 

Making healthy options should be enjoyable, accessible, & rewarding.

Kale Smoothie for £4.95? Enjoyable - No, Accessible - No, Rewarding - No! So we thought we'd better do something about it! 


We've gone through 500 iterations ... some of which tasted worse than those dreaded "Kale Smoothies" ... but we're glad to say we've done it.

As indulgent as a chocolate milkshake, more nutritious than a protein shake, & made more naturally than any smoothie ... we think you might just like it as much as we do! 

"Eventually a fresh protein drink that tastes good."

— A very happy customer (March, 2017)

Coming Soon: "Berry Blast"

Launch Date: TBC


Our Founder

Charlie Wells

Charlie Wells

Naturally Nutritious was formed out of a desire to provide great tasting drinks that were made completely naturally with genuinely nutritious ingredients.


Well because many drinks claim to be healthy these days but few truly are. Here's a few examples (we'll let you guess the brand names)

Almond Milk: Ultra Heat Treated/Pasturised, 2% Almonds, Gums, Thickeners, Stabilisiers, & often added sugars

Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes: Over 15 different ingredients, artificial flavourings, additives, 

Fruit Juices/Smoothies: Using concentrates instead of fresh fruit ... whats that all about! Not to mention the pasteurising, & hiding of sugars through obscure 'portion sizes'

The Result?

Well hopefully you'll agree that our drinks taste great & do good. If you've got any further questions then get in touch!